Helen Gørrill

profile: Doctorate


Helen Gorrill is an artist and academic who was awarded 'The Place of Painting' full scholarship in 2013.  Her completed PhD research has been presented as an 80,000 word thesis in 2016.  The thesis is entitled: Gendered Economic and Symbolic Value in Contemporary British Painting.  Her supervisory team include Professor Judith Mottram (Dean, Royal College of Art) and Professor Jill Journeaux CSAD).


Forthcoming publications include Drawing Conversations: Collective and Collaborative Drawing in Contemporary Practice (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2017, co-authored/edited with Prof Jill Journeaux) and 'Creating an Equal Future for Female and Male Art Students: Role Models in Fine Art Pedagogy' to be presented at the Sorbonne Paris in 2017 and published in Arts in Society 'Art & Education'.


Helen is currently working on her post-doctoral submission and making new paintings.


Please find below a copy of the PhD abstract: