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The Daily Telegraph (2016)
Tate should put its money where its mouth is!
Saatchi Gallery online (2016)
Urban collages featured in 'In the Pink'
Catalogue Introduction Femme Fatale solo show (2014): 
I first came across the work of Helen Gorrill online and was delighted to find an artist with a very clear agenda regarding a feminist perspective on art. It was, of course, a bonus that she had the skill and ability to create work that spoke to her concerns. Her work is both large scale and domestic and is concerned with both the external and the internal body, historic and future.  Helen is aware that women have often been objectified in art and that, whilst they have appeared in works of art, often nude, it is less likely they will have been the artist. Indeed, her current PhD has the goal of disproving Georg Baselitz’s notorious critique on women painters: ‘women artists cannot paint well…they simply don’t pass the art market test, the value test’. Her work therefore sets out to create a critical comparative analysis of contemporary British women painters’ aesthetics and art market performance, forming a pioneering analysis of the current place of painting, presenting the situation for British women artists in a refreshing light. Indeed, she walked out of her first art college when her all male tutors would not allow her to focus on gender specific work. Thank goodness she was able to show the courage that must have taken.  Her work comes to Creation via many UK and London galleries as well as Paris, Hong Kong, New York, the United Arab Emirates. Her growing reputation is well deserved and yet again it is the great privilege of Creation to be able to show work by a major artist.
A Piece of Monologue - Baltic Mill, Gateshead (2014):  The Bleed 03, written by Daniel Thomson and designed by Jonny Speak, features artwork by Helen Gorrill, who has exhibited internationally and was included in the New York Brooklyn Museum’s Elizabeth A Sackler Center for Feminist Art archive.  
MoneyMaker Magazine - A classical painting for a digital age', Feb/Mar 2013
“The drawings for her degree show, which reverse the female submissiveness advocated by a religious pamphlet posted through her door, put women in a dominant position while the men are bound and bent in sexual submission. The male figures have been censored but to protect whom? The spam I receive contains more indecency than Ms Gorrill’s work. And it is much less interesting because she makes a valid point.” Henry Porter in The Guardian/The Observer on Sunday ('Britain is not radical enough')
"Helen Gorrill's new research could take her creative work in exciting new directions and an increasingly fascinated and appreciative audience will welcome her new direction with open arms." The Bleed Magazine, Dec 11
Womart 2 - exhibition reviewed on United Arab Emirates national television news
"Man up" - The National, United Arab Emirates national paper, One of the standout collections is work by Helen Gorrill that, while relatively tame compared with some of the artist's more unabashed work, is still a remarkably daring series. Large paintings show women in gratuitous poses, clad in the garb of trashy, commercialised titillation. Yet their faces are smeared, their bodies tarnished and the scale of the pieces draws parallels with iconography. Gorrill is remarkably combative in her art: "Much of my work questions the submissiveness of women advocated by religion, particularly in my investigation of Christianity and the representation of the Virgin," she wrote in a statement.
Womart 2 - exhibition reviewed in Gulf News, national paper
"Art by Women, inspired by Men", Harpers Bazaar Arabia
 "Art Croissance" March 2012, contemporary French art magazine previews Paris exhibition
"Toute la Culture" April 2012, contemporary French art magazine previews Paris exhibition
"Helen Gorrill's Confession Chamber  is an intriguing interactive installation in which visitors are invited to make their own confession and leave it hidden or revealed in the chamber...one of Helen's aims is to inspire us to look more closely at feminist issues inherent within the Bible and Christianity itself." Embroidery Magazine (national and international contemporary textiles), Nov/Dec 2011
Helen Gorrill and Pharrell Williams’ chairs are both in keeping with Dali’s ideology. By blending human limbs and furniture, you combine objects not normally found together which, surrealists say, liberates the imagination.” The Erotic Chair in Skin Two, internationally selling magazine

 “I've had a look at your work about male submission which I find really interesting” BBC, Frank Skinner’s Opinionated.

"...the now much talked about artist, Helen Gorrill...these are good paintings" The BBC

"Gorrill's confession chamber is a fascinating affair, it works on so many levels and has endless depth to it...Having already gained national and international press attention for her controversial drawings showing anonymous men in sexually submissive positions, Gorrill describes her work as exploring "post-feminist concepts of power and control, that investigate enforcement, reinforcement and reactions to patriarchal society. With the subject of patriarchy so immediately apparent in her new project, I can't help but wonder whether Pope Benedict XVI has gone slightly beyond this concept with his decision to just omit the existence of women from his new children's book completely.." Zeitgeist Magazine, July 2011
“We are extremely interested in featuring you in this next issue.” New York Arts Magazine
“Attacks from local bureaucracies are chipping away at artistic confidence, leading to self-censorship among artists. Helen Gorrill’s “Seven Deadly Sins" exhibition included paintings of "strong women" and "submissive men”” John Ozimek in The Observer on Sunday/The Guardian
“Emerging British artist Helen Gorrill raises questions about gendered submission and domination.” Skin Two
“8 Artists you should watch” Fetorials Magazine
 Gender work included in Open University’s art history/gender studies alongside Cindy Sherman, Tracey Emin and Friday Kahlo
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Feature in New York Arts Magazine (quarterly international contemporary arts magazine), 2011

Feature in leading international magazine: 'The Erotic Chair' for the relaunch of Skin Two magazine, available October 2010.  Selling worldwide at £10/$20, 'Skin Two reaches serious, committed, top end customers',

Censored Zine published in the UK, London July 2010

Skin Two magazine, Latex Xtra. July 2010

Curbs & Stoops, Rhode Island USA, www.curbsandstoops.com on 'Is Helen Gorrill about to blow up?'..."we are ready to see her on a bigger stage...I am certain this artist will blow up; the only question is 'when'." July 2010

Skin Two:  "Emerging British artist Helen Gorrill’s exhibition raises questions about gendered submission and domination"

BBC news/interview June 2009 "...the now much talked about artist, Helen Gorrill....these are good paintings..."